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Double Edge Blades Features

Many razor blades have references on the packaging to precious metals such as platinum (platinum) or silver (silver). But this does not mean that those blades are made up of these metals.
The blades are made of steel.Typically steel with a high chromium content.But some manufacturers use other types of steel.So no platinum or silver at all.
The enrichment process concerns only the thread in fact the razor blades are equipped with a “bevel” using increasingly finer grindstones and ultimately passed on a sort of industrial strop. Despite this the thread is never perfect but has small streaks.

These tend to rub against the skin and irritate. Furthermore, due to the extreme ductility of the steel strip which is hardened with hot and cold cycles, the edge is fragile and tends to break when it encounters hair.Therefore a coating is required to have a smoother blade.Just to make the thread less aggressive on the skin, this is covered with a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commercially known as Teflon.
At this point we have a Stainless razor blade. In addition, before coating it with perfluorocarbon, to make the wire more robust and durable, some molecules of other materials such as chromium oxide, aluminum and titanium nitrites, iridium, or even platinum or silver compounds may be deposited on it.
If, for example, platinum molecules are deposited on the edge, before applying the fluorocarbon film, then the Astra blade will end up packed in the green package instead of the blue one!

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