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Strike Gold Shave Murray Hill 1775

Murray Hill is a Manhattan neighborhood which has a history that extends back in time to the 18th century. It is named after the first family who lived in the area. Robert and Mary Murray were Quakers who established their home and family in the area in the 18th Century.Their physical house was, at the time, built on a hill which became popularly known as Murray Hill.
Tested today this soap is produced in Georgia by Strike Gold with the participation of Pasteur Pharmacy Nyc.
The soap produces a large amount of thick,soft and extraordinarily lubricating foam.
This is a feature that greatly facilitates the sliding of the blade giving a very close and comfort shave. At the end of shaving, the skin is very soft, perfectly hydrated and all these excellent mechanical properties are the result of the careful choice of ingredients rich in nourishing and moisturizing substances such as Glycerin, Shea butter, Kokum butter also called Goa, a vegetable butter derived from the seeds of the Kokum tree.
Really captivating scent notes of Lime and Bergamot with hints of Musk and Sandalwood.A rather complex fragrance, but a great olfactory impact.
A soap that pleasantly surprised me for the mechanical and protective qualities that I would like to recommend to those looking for a high-performance product and an intriguing fragrance.
Setup used
Ikon Tech Razor
Simpson Badger Duke Brush
Gillette 7oclock superstainless Blades.
Thanks to my friend Leon of Pasteur Pharmacy for the advice and his great kindness and passion.

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