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    Double Edge Blades Features

    Many razor blades have references on the packaging to precious metals such as platinum (platinum) or silver (silver). But this does not mean that those blades are made up of these metals. The blades are made of steel.Typically steel with a high chromium content.But some manufacturers use other types of steel.So no platinum or silver at all. The enrichment process concerns only the thread in fact the razor blades are equipped with a “bevel” using increasingly finer grindstones and ultimately passed on a sort of industrial strop. Despite this the thread is never perfect but has small streaks. These tend to rub against the skin and irritate. Furthermore, due to…

  • Lamette

    Polsilver Super Iridium

    Lamette russe, prodotte a San Pietroburgo,affilate e morbide indicate anche con rasoi” slant bar”,ci permettono un ottimo livello di rasatura e comfort. Durevole la lama, tagliente anche dopo quattro rasature. Rumors nel web affermano che non saranno piu’prodotte.Le consiglio per chi ancora non avesse avuto la possibilita’di provarle.