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Big Ben Super Stainless Blades

Blade that surprises you.
Particularly kind, sometimes very comfortable, durable, and cheap. All razors appreciate it, in a different way.
On very “gentle” razors it is really imperceptible and smooth, yet not too powerful. Very permissive but the risk you run is that it is so gentle that makes you press more than necessary.. and this you shouldn’t do it.
On medium-gentle razors (Edwin Jagger DE89BL)it works really well.It flows smoothly and leaves a satisfying post shave .
Egyptian razor blade produced by the Lord.
LORD is cordially upholding a wide flexible spectrum of wet shaving products for both sex, including DE Blades, Single, Twin, Triple blade disposables, 5 Blades & Systems under own brands (LORD, ASCO, BIG BEN, SHARK)

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