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Ikon Veteran Razor

The Veteran razor was born as a joint venture between Barbieri Uniti Srl and IKon safety razors. The Veteran razor, mounts the famous SBS aluminum head. This head is officially and definitively out of production and for this reason they decided to create this magnificent product using the last 500 heads in the world as limited edition razor.
The Veteran safety razor, works on 2 distinct levels of shaving.
Open comb side and closed comb side.
Aggressive surface head (indicated with +)
Standard surface head (indicated with circles)
These features make the Veteran a very special and refined product.
The materials are aluminium head (60gr.) and a stainless handle “bulldog“ (80gr.)
This is the first IKon handle entirely developed in Italy. The development process of this handle was carried out by Barbieri Uniti Srl under the constant supervision of the IKon Team.
Quality is outstanding, wonderful razor feels great in my hand, I really appreciate the versality and the design.
Tested with Treets Carbon blade gave me a great comfort and extraordinary post shave.

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