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Astra Superior Platinum Blades

The Astra Superior Platinum, sometimes simply called green Astra to distinguish them from lower quality blues, are very popular in the wetshaving world. The company was bought years ago by Gillette and now the production takes place in Russia to save cost.
They are very versatile and have the characteristic to combine a high sharpening with a medium-low aggressiveness. This makes them a good choice of blades specially made for sensitive skins and of course for tough beards too.
Another strong point is the durability: it is not rare to use them even for 5 or 6 times without losing the sharpness sometimes it will depend on your type of beard.
I think these are the best quality blades you can get for the price!
Tested personally with EJ 89, this blade gave me a great close shave with no razor burn for the first 4-5 shaves. Raccomended for daily use also.

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