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Fatip “Lo Storto” Gentile Slant Razor

The “Storto” Fatip is the first slant safety razor entirely made in Italy. This guillotine Fatip is a 3-piece razor in chromed brass featuring a slant head. This particular shape, used in safety razors since the beginning of the 1900s, has the characteristic of twisting the blade favoring a sharper cut of beard particularly useful when dealing with the complicated combination: hard beard sensitive skin.The handle has oblique string motif and I like very much.Made in two different versions open and gentile head.
Fatip is confirmed as the leader in artisan safety razors, simplicity and functionality have maximum levels.
Used today with the Bolzano Superinox blades, it cutted perfectly without any traction, offering a good cutting depth and comfort.Finishes certainly to be reviewed but overall a performing razor that has not betrayed my expectations.

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