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Razorock Game Changer 68P Razor

Razorock Game Changer inexplicably ignored in Italy is an excellent razor that in North America is often put on the same level as Karve, Blackland and ATT. This does not surprise me even if the tolerances and the geometries are inspired by well-known razors.
The Game Changer has a head that reflects the geometry of the Wolfman, and also the concept of stiffness on the blade that often makes the difference in terms of high quality razors. I am quite surprised that a steel razor, very good geometries, very handy, built with very low tolerances, well finished, soft on the skin and with a depth of shaving has found little consensus among enthusiasts.
Tested today with Kai blades, Pinnacle Grooming shaving soap helps me to achieve a perfect shave. No need to force it you can get a close confort shave without applying any pressure.
A DE razor that for sure is worth buying.
The Razorock story began on an Italian holiday in 2009. The business started as a hobby and a pastime but as they dove head first into the world of traditional wet shaving they quickly realized how luxurious and fulfilling this lost art of shaving could be.

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